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DELUXE SAMPLE SET | Try 7 Bestselling Creams

Perfect to find you Karin Herzog regime, give as a gift or use for travel. All skin types. ($140 ...

SKIN RENEWAL SET | Radiance facial kit

Radiance value facial kit to reveal fresh and healthy skin ($230 value!)

NEW! Kit Home Spa

Easy to take with you anywhere!

Autumn Care Kit

Our Autumn Care Kit will help you achieve fresh skin with a luminous complexion, while preparing ...

Regular Price: $304.00

Special Price: $270.00

Anti-Aging Sample Set

Transformative Vita-A-Kombi 1 anti-aging cream in a charming velvet travel purse.

ROYAL OXYGEN REGIME | Age-defying facial kit

Age-defying value facial kit to fight aging and add radiance before a big event ($269 value!)

Dynamic Duo

2x Silhouette + 1x Tonus B12

CHOCO2 SET | Indulgent Chocolate Oxygen Facial Kit

Chocolate Oxygen Indulgence Facial Kit. Fight aging, free-radicals and reveal radiance ($213 Value)

After-Sun Face & Body Kit

Treat your skin after a sunny day at the beach - your skin wants to enjoy summer as well ($123 va...

Dynamic Duo - Slimming Travel Set

Fight cellulite and firm your skin on holiday with the Dynamic Duo set.


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